Monday, July 26, 2010

More Little Treasures

One of the ATC swaps I am participating in is themed:  "Wake Up and Smell The Coffee".  Well, I ask you now, could I actually NOT do this one????  Hardly!!  It had my name all over it!  I had a ton of fun with these.  The back"grounds"  (lol....get it???....."grounds"....oh my) I made from used coffee filters which I tore, let dry and then cleaned off.  I was hoping for the coffee aroma to remain but such luck!  Bummer!  Some of them have pieces of Caribou Coffee bits on them. Caribou Coffee is like our regional coffee house. All I know is that they are closer than Starbucks....which on some days is a definite advantage!  The metal bits are from a coffee flavored energy drink can Wil came across when she was here this spring. That is drink is named Java Monster.  Sounds like me before I get my first cup in the mornings!  One has stamps on it that I made with an actual coffee bean....Italian Roast to be exact!  So...enjoy while I go grab a cup of coffee!!

"Java Monster"
(Savor every sip)

"Life Is Short"
(This is the tag line for Caribou Coffee)

"Caribou Coffee"
(Just a little "shout out" for the locals!)

"Coffee Java"

1 comment:

Wil Opio Oguta said...

They look great! I was tempted to use some of my Caribou stuff, but decided to save them for some future project :-)