Monday, August 9, 2010

Just Playing Again

Was just playing the other day and I was thrilled at how it came out so thought I would share it here with all of you  (you know who you are!!)

When Wil was here we played with some encaustic wax.  L O V E D it!!!  Don't have any myself but I'm all about making do with what I DO have these days.  Fortunately, with grandkids there are always broken and no longer used crayons around.  Thought I would see how they worked together and below is what I came up with.  It was a bit plain though so I got out my other latest toys....alcohol inks. Fantastic fun BTW!! The inks are eggplant and a silver additive ink.  The paper is almost regular size (8.5X11) card stock.  I see more playing with these babies in the future!!!

I titled it "Solar Flares from the Purple Sun"

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