Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I recently read in the Kemshall's wonderful publication - 3Fold - about a challenge journal they did and it excited me a lot!  I've lately felt a real desire to do something outside my comfort learn something new...try something I've never considered possible before.  Sure, I might fail miserably.  So??  I've done that before and lived to tell about it! So, I contacted my good friend and fellow risk taker, Wil!  It's always more fun to do these things together, right?  Well, she was on board to do that and we had several e-mail conversations about just what we wanted to do.  As you can imagine....there is only one rule!  NO RULES!!  We won't even be working on the same theme but will have a generous and very workable timetable just to keep each other accountable.  I'm SOOOOOOO looking forward to this! 

I know, I's not like I need more pressure or more to do, right?  BUT....there is something to be said about stretching oneself.  I think it keeps the creative juices flowing and enhances the other skills as well.

My challenge to myself -- a journal about FACES!  Mostly drawing but any technique is applicable and expected.  Depends on what "toy" grabs me when I enter my studio in the morning!

The next two paragraphs are rather philosophical so if you aren't into that.....just skip them!!

Now, in the spirit of true confession.  Drawing is an area of abject fear to me.  Comes mostly from a very fearful experience in elementary school about a drawn dinosaur whose feet didn't touch the ground when the picture was completed.  Can you say humiliation?????  That is one of the areas of challenge for face that fear and deal with it.  That coupled with the fact that many people say that anyone can LEARN to draw.  OK, so let's put that theory to the test shall we?

The second confession is that I am going to take this journey publically on this blog.  Why?  Because that helps to reinforce my commitment to vulnerability with my art.  I had to give up the quest for "perfection" when I became an artist.  Not that I don't strive continually to improve and learn.  I just had to realize that it IS a journey and the first steps can't be expected to be "perfect".

In light of all that soul-searching and philosophical are my first attempts at drawing a head/face of a Roman statue.  I like starting here because the pictures are all gray-scale so I have more chance to get acquainted with light and shadow without being distracted by color at this point. 

Now.....with fingers crossed and eyes half closed.....I'll jump in this new ocean of discovery!!

I guess I am protecting myself just a bit.  I'm not showing the original picture I'm sketching from until I get at least a little closer to what it looks like. My goal now is just to be able to tell it is a human face!!! And the other caveat.....I'm just working with a #2 pencil at this point.  Haven't yet purchased actual sketching pencils.  Perhaps this week???  I sold some note cards so have some available art supplies money!

Face 1 - Roman Statue -- For this one I started with the eyes as suggested by one person.  Found it terribly difficult to find a point of reference that way.  But it is. I know classic Romans had long noses but I think I got this one just a tad too long!

Face 2 - Roman Statue -- Started with the head shape this time and like it much better.  It is still more narrow than the original but I think a better proportion.  Although, the head is still a bit mishapen.

That's it for today kiddies!!!  Will post more when I get the next drawing completed.  Have a very busy day today getting some things done to meet deadlines and some other things in the mail.  Hopefully I'll get to it this afternoon.!!


Wil Opio Oguta said...

This is all about how you see a face. If you want a duplicate, you can make a xerox.

Kelly said...

LOL!! Oh goodness! Now everyone is about to find out just how skewed my view of the world REALLY is!!

Point taken though. Great reminder!

Celia said...

I recommend 'Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain' - I'm still drawing phobic but less so than I was before I tried that book!