Friday, December 21, 2012

An AMAZING Morning!

Don't you just love how timing works sometimes?

A few of my pieces needed to be professionally photographed to submit for a publication entry.  I spoke with a photographer I know to see if he would be willing to take care of that for me.  We had a rather long coffee and by the end of that meeting I had decided to get all my work photographed!

His name is Shawn Nielsen (Nielsen Studios - you might notice the new link on the right sidebar!!) and he is amazing to work with. It was a great balance of depending on his expertise as a professional and yet having my share of input to the final product as well!  We worked together for a couple of hours this morning and  all my pieces are now professionally photographed!! (except the ones that are currently on exhibit at Crossings Gallery and won't be "home" until the first week in January)  It was quite the experience! AND...I have all the photos in three different formats so they are ready for my website, exhibit/show entries, promotional pieces, etc.  Now when I need to include a detail shot....oh you should see the detail! If you want to see the results you can check out my website in a couple of days.  I'm in the process of updating all my photos there with the shots he took today.  Hopefully next month I'll have the rest of the pieces professionally photographed!

I had made it through OK with taking my own photos for a while but they are nothing compared to this! What prompted me to even consider this?  I had read several articles on entering work to be juried for exhibits and shows AND for presenting to a gallery.  To a one they HIGHLY recommended having them professionally done.  So, as my goal is to enter more juried shows....and my goal for a solo show in 2014, it just made sense to me to go ahead and get this accomplished.

After this experience...and seeing the results...I can HIGHLY recommend Shawn Nielsen if you are contemplating professional photographs of your art.  Contact him and let him know what your needs are and see for yourself how easy he is to work with.

Thanks Shawn for beautiful work!

FULL DISCLOSURE:  I am not associated with Nielsen Studios (other than being a very happy client) nor do I receive any compensation of any kind for this endorsement and recommendation. 


Judy Warner said...

Hi Kelly
I just started working with a professional photographer as well and am having the same sort of WOW experience on the quality of the photos.
Best of luck with your 2013 work.

Susie Monday said...

Great step -- and one I need to take this year too! Thanks for the encouragement. I am nowhere near, so I need to ask around here in the SA area for someone who i can work with.

Kelly said...

Hey Susie! You can always send your art to Shawn. He has insurance while it is at his studio. AND....if you like....I could be there and supervise while he is photographing your work!! In fact..I would LOVE to do that! That way you would know you were working with a great photographer and I would get to see your work "in person" What a treat!! Anyway...just something to think about! Feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions...

Beth said...

Good for you!! I know how exciting it is getting ready to launch your work (babies) into the world for all to see.

Kelly said...

LOL! Yep...they are like my "babies"!! Does that ever go away???