Sunday, December 16, 2012

And the Snow Tree is done!

FINISHED!! Have to say...this is one of my favorites. The theme for this challenge was Snow.  After receiving a foot of the beautiful white stuff. I was inspired both for the technique (snow dyeing) and the subject matter.

I cut the tree out of a white-on-black commercial fabric, I had a stone fabric which made a perfect wall. The snow is cut from all black-on-white commercial fabric. Each piece is individually applied to the background as raw edge applique.  I love the feel of a cold gray day the background gives, with big clumps of wet snow clinging where it can.  I also like how the wavy cut of the woven fabric background gives a feel of the cold winds of winter in the frozen northland.

The front fabric is folded to the back and stitched instead of a usual binding.  I didn't want to break up the tree or distract from it.

12" X 12"


Wil said...

That one turned out very nicely. Well done!

Kelly said...

Thank you!!! And thanks for the loan of your eyes!!

Ember said...

Hi Kelly! :)

This is beautiful! You did a stellar job capturing the mood of fresh snow and cold wind. You really have an eye for design.