Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Snow Dyed Woven Background

One of my challenge groups has the theme "Snow" for December.  Well.....I mean I HAVE to snow dye the fabric for that one right????  AND we DO have enough snow!!!

First I have to prepare a place to put the whole snow dyeing process.  I like the melted snow and dye to drip below the fabric so that the fabric doesn't bathe in the dye.  One thing I say...."the right tool for the right job".   I'm so glad I picked up those big tin snips when they were on sale years ago!!!  The metal mesh is for a leaf shield on gutters.

Then I just placed the scrunched up fat quarter of PFD that had been soaked in the soda ash solution onto the screen and covered it well with snow

I had mixed up two strengths of #44 New Black from Dharma.  Also added in just a smidge of blue dye in one and a smidge of purple dye in the other for just a bit of contrast.  Then just waited for the snow to all melt.



Results side by side

A while ago I had done a woven background like this one with an abstract tree. I wanted to do something very similar for this challenge.  So on to weaving the background.

First I cut each piece to the appropriate size - this time 15"X15". I ironed MistyFuse onto the backs of each of the pieces. Then I use my rotary cutter to slice the pieces into wavy lines.  (NOTE: On one piece, leave one edge in tact to make weaving easier to control) is important to keep these strips in order so they will fit snugly when woven.

Next I started weaving the horizontal pieces into the vertical strips. I just go ahead and set this whole weaving part up on the batting so when I iron it in the final is ready for the rest of the process without having to pick up the woven piece on its own. You can see the black MistyFuse on the back of the strips that are flipped up ready for the next strip.

It may be necessary to futz with each strip just a tad to be sure it is in there snugly.

And finally, when all the strips have been woven in (you probably won't have room for the last one or two pieces of your horizontal strips but it doesn't matter).  I iron it to fuse the strips together and the whole piece to the the batting.  I love the subtle play of the color in this muted background which will depict a gray winter day.

And here is a detail shot.

Now it is ready for the tree and the snow!!


Dahn said...

Ah... snow dyeing--it is so much fun. Some of my nicest pieces lately have been snow dyes.

Love the black woven piece. You reminded me of something I was going to do with this technique, so thanks for posting this!

Dahn said...
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Wil said...

You got a nice mottling with the snow :-)

Kelly said...

Hi Dahn!! I LOVE snow dyeing! I'd love to see what you do with it so let me know!!

Wil - I think it is one of the prettiest results I've gotten with snow yet! Doing more probably tomorrow for PECANS

Beth (#3) said...

I love the way this looks, Kelly! I've mainly seen woven fabric pieces done with highly contrasting fabrics. Love the subtlety of this.

Kelly said...

Thanks Beth (#3) I have another background that is high contrast. It is beautiful for some things but this piece wanted a very subtle background for its cold gray sky in winter.