Thursday, April 1, 2010

Fabric for Water

Is that kinda like "Water for Chocolate"? Nevermind..........

Anyway, I have been known on occasion to "forget" that I had fabric in Soda Ash to soak in preparation for dyeing. Sometimes for longer periods of time that I care to admit. One time, I decided that since they WERE soaked in soda ash after all............why rewash them only to soak them again. It was one of those "I wonder what would happen if..." moments. So, I just squirted on some dyes in the colors I was working with at the moment and let it batch overnight, rinsed it out the next day, know...all that stuff. Then I ironed it.....AMAZING RESULTS. Well, at least I love it!
I found a piece like that in my bucket just the other day. Hmmmm I had some dye mixed...why not do it again! I used some Mixing Blue and Marigold. And I gotta tell you...I LOVE this piece of fabric! AND I have an immediate use for it! You know those houses we are making in the DAG group???? Well...........this would make awesome water!! Don't you agree???
The whole piece is 18" X 44". These are pictures of different sections of it.

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Cobi said...

Kelly, they are stunning. I love them. I never ever got a result like that. You get such fine lines with just squirting dyestock on fabric soaking wet with SA? That never happened to me. :(