Monday, April 12, 2010

Nurturing Creativity - Week 15

YEAH! I'm on the right day today! The past two weeks were a bit hectic and this morning I just decided that posting my Nurturing Creativity card for this week would happen on the MONDAY like it is supposed to do. So, shuffled the cards and let one drop from the center of the deck.

Free Associate

So this is the concept - just like you've heard about free association - write down words then go back and next to or below that one word free associate by writing down the first words that come to your mind. The fun part seems to be not to stop at one word...just keep going and see where it takes you! Supposedly it will reveal something about where you are headed in your head these days. We'll see........hmmmmmmmmmm How about a little test right now?!?!

rug - woven - basket - laundry - yuck

car - broken - mend - sew - machine - clean - yuck

tree - green - money - job - yuck

dog - protection - lick - poop - yuck

OK, I don't think we need Freud or Jung here..........the trend seems obvious!! What do you think? LOL!!!

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