Thursday, April 22, 2010

Nurturing Creativity and A Sad Week

First, the sad week. I found out earlier this week that a dear friend of almost 35 years was diagnosed with mesothelioma. It really knocked me for a loop. She's young and isn't in any industry or anything that would provide prolonged exposure to asbestos. As far as I know for now, they have no idea how it was caused. That's all I'll write because I'm still processing it all. So my week started on a very very sad note.

But even though late, here is my Nurturing Creativity card for this week.
Have A Fan Club -
Keeping notes, e-mails etc. from people who appreciate your talent and encourage you. I already do that and read them sometimes when I feel like I can't even mix blue and yellow and end up with green. Somehow though, this week it doesn't seem to matter much.

I did find that keeping busy did help. So, I completed some ATCs for a swap entitled Tower of Bable. Requirement: each card had to have a foreign language text or word on it. Here they are:

Spring in the Nederlands

Pharoah Dreams - sorry it's a bit blurry

Chinese Happiness

Memories of Spain - this one is special to me because one of my favorite memories of my summer in Spain was riding horseback at Sotogrande (horse on the stamp and a horse charm) and, of course, my black lace mantilla. The background is a Happy Birthday note from a friend in Spain.

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