Sunday, September 5, 2010

Abstract ATCs - Completed

The remaining steps didn't take as long as I had thought and I completed them this afternoon.  I didn't post pics of them dried because when the matte medium dried, the cards looked just like the cards before the medium was added....not much new to see. 

Step 3 -After the matte medium dried, I lightly rubbed a chalk pastel in black over them to highlight the raised areas. Supposed to use charcoal but I don't have any. 

Step 4 - I then pulled out the appropriate colors of Lumiere paints and went to town!  The paints are very watered down for this technique.  Still want to see some of the card base showing through....some more than others ended up that way.  In fact, I'm not sure it will show in the pictures but it is there.  Here are the completed cards.  I really had fun with this technique! 

In the pictures below, on the left is the first color wash and on the right is the completed card.

Abstract Pastel - I applied the watered down Lumiere paints in this order: a full color wash of Halo Violet, then strips of Pearl Magenta. Painted the curls with Jaquard yellow textile paint. Then a color wash of very diluted Lumiere Metallic Gold.

Abstract Purple/Green - First a full color wash of Halo Violet. Then painted the inside of the circles with Pearl Emerald Green. Then the final Metallic Gold wash.

Abstract Brown/Blue - First a full color wash of Metallic Rust. Then a full color wash of Pearl Blue. Painted Metallic Olive Green in the center of the circles. Final Metallic Gold wash.

Abstract Blue/Green - Full color wash of Metallic Rust, then Metallic Olive Green on one side of the curved line.  When that was done the curves reminded me of a river so I painted that with Pearl Blue.  Metallic Gold final wash.
 I found this to be a very interesting way to add texture.  And I was actually amazed at how flexible the card was when everything was dry and before I added the backing card.  Gets the brain going, ya know!!