Sunday, September 5, 2010

Happy Day

I don't often post anything about my personal family stuff here but because the main topic is ATCs I am adding this one anyway.  Today is my older granddaughter's birthday celebration....even though her actual birthday isn't until Wednesday.  She will be THREE!  AND she is already beginning her own ATC collection!  Sooooooo...I made her a few cards for her big party.

First you should know that Piggy has been her nickname since she was born.  She even calls herself Piggy.  I know she will not be that accepting in a couple of years but for now, she knows it is our love name for her.

She also has the nickname Diva Pig since she IS the center of the universe after all!!! LOL! She and her little sister have discovered the joy of dress-up. They put on their own fashion show and I can assure you Piggy has her own fashion sense.  That plus, she won't wear anything that isn't purple or sometimes pink without a fight. And she loves her sunglasses and her purple flip-flops!  OK, she loves anything purple.

She is just now big enough to ride her Little Mermaid tricycle but she wants a PURPLE motorcycle! I told her she has to learn to ride her tricycle, then a bicycle with training wheels, then a regular bicycle.  After that she can get her motorcycle.  The other day, for the first time she rode her tricycle to the end of the long driveway and back and announced.  "I'm done. Now I want my motorcycle"  So, she is getting THIS motorcycle instead. It's a picture of the bike I rode until two years ago.
This is just an amazingly cute sign we found out on one of our treks to take photos and have an amazing lunch and buy amazing bread in Stockholm, WI.  Seemed appropriate!

 And lastly, my birthday wish for my precious little Piggy.

Thanks for bearing with me for this personal little art moment.

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Wil Opio Oguta said...

Lovely atc's for the Pig. And one more is coming by mail :-)