Tuesday, September 7, 2010

WARNING! ATC marathon in progress!

Yep, I'm doing a LOT of ATCs the beginning of this week.  Have several commitments and I want to get them in early so I can concentrate on a couple of other intense projects. 

These cards are for a swap called Let's Travel the World 2 (we did part 1 recently). The theme is for 3 countries of the world.  This has been great fun and very interesting because I get to learn some new stuff about countries I'm not all that well-versed on.  Like Greenland.  1) I didn't know it belonged to Denmark (duh) and 2) it is the largest island in the world that is NOT a continent. Plus the scenery you see pictures of when looking for items for the ATC is gorgeous.

So, here they are - Greenland, Germany and Italy:

And the marathon continues so I'll have more tomorrow!

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