Monday, September 13, 2010

Nuturing Creativity - Week 37

It's been so hectic these past few weeks that it was difficult to keep up the posts about nurturing creativity.  And here we are already in week 37!  Time is just zipping by!  The days here are feeling more and more like fall.  There's just something in the air....that and the geese honking overhead as they marshal their forces to head south.  That is one of my favorite sounds because I know the crisp fall days and cool nights are just around the corner.  And since the forecast for the end of the week is highs in the low 60's (F), it seems it will be turning that corner rather rapidly. And I say, "Bring it on!!"  Fall is such a beautiful season here.  I'm picturing many "photo safaris" in the near future as we roam the countryside looking for that elusive single flaming red maple in the midst of the yellows and browns of the other trees.  I saw that once and never forgot it. What I DID forget is where the heck I saw it!!  Oh well, the thrill is in the hunt after all.

And here is the card for this week:

Stretch Yourself

Maybe not what you might have thought.  I know the title suggested something else to exploring some new technique or materials.  But no, it is really talking about physically stretching.  Good advice really....and advice I seldom remember to take as I'm in the middle of a project or as recently, an ATC marathon (tomorrow is the last of the marathon ATC posts! -- or later today perhaps).  I get all stiff and creaky by the end of a session.  And I'm choosing to believe it is from not stopping to move around and stretch for a minute or two.  It is CERTAINLY  NOT  my age!!!  (Don't think I didn't hear some of you say that!!)  LOL!!  So, my challenge as I head into another intense project (the canal houses) is to remember to take breaks so I don't break!! At least the canal house project is so big I have to often get up and at least walk back and forth, to and from my design wall!  Does that count do you think???  hmmmmmmm  Where is Jack LaLane when you really need him???  oops...showed my age again!!

So, happy stretching and moving to all of you this week.  I'm going to try to keep up my discipline in that area.  We'll see how it turns out.

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