Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Adventures in color and design

A friend posted recently on her blog about a color study she was doing. What fun!! Of course, I had to try it out for myself! I really like Destiny by Waterhouse so I decided to reinterpret that in fabric. (LOL! Now you see why as a rule, I don't do people!)

Then I tried the same fabrics to do an abstract piece. Found that I REALLY like doing abstracts. They are harder than they look. Since there is sometimes not an obvious subject, a lot depends on balance and color.

Now I am in the middle of working on a landscape. A bit abstract. Most of it is just laid out on the fabric at this time. I'm having to walk away from this for a bit. I need a new perspective on it before I make some final decisions on just where it wants to go. It is called "Red Barn in the Sunset".

While I have never ventured into many other genres of art like abstract (although I LOVE Georgia O'Keeffe!!) I am finding that there are many other types of art that I am learning to appreciate! You gotta LOVE the journey!!

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