Wednesday, February 24, 2010

This Week I've Been Abstracted!

Previously I have not been one to particularly enjoy abstract art. Although, I do LOVE Georgia O'Keeffe. But I have been looking at quite a few pieces and found that I do like many of them much more than I would ever have thought.

So, I decided to take some play time and give it a try from my perspective. While I don't think Georgia O'Keeffe would feel threatened.................still, they are MY perspective, right??? And just playing for fun.

Here is the results.

Pink Peonies

Dance of the California Poppies

And Flowers is a Burgundy Vase

Next........I'm going to try some TREES!!!!!


Sally Westcott said...

How much fun are they? I might have to try that too! Looks liberating!


Anonymous said...

GORGEOUS! i think they are wonderful!

Ann flowers