Monday, February 15, 2010

Still more snow dyeing!!!

Hey! It's Minnesota!! Gotta make fun where you can! Some way to enjoy all the white fluffy stuff we get! Recently I posted some photos to a group I'm of snow all over cars and porches. Titled it: "Art Supplies" AND it is free!!!

I'm experimenting to get some certain effects for a project I'm working on so that is why I'm playing with some of these colors. So far, each color I'm working with I use all by itself. None of the pieces below are from more than one dye color. (OK, before all you Color Bible people jump on me....I don't mean pure colors. Just that I used just one jar of a color dye) But I'm really liking how the non-pure colors separate into component parts. GREAT EFFECT!!

I need a pale golden yellow. Not a bright yellow so I started with Straw. Since this is a fairly light color anyway, I didn't dilute it much to start with.

Straw barely diluted.

Straw barely diluted but with full strength dripped onto a few places in the snow. Not much difference but less white space.

Straw VERY diluted. Doesn't really show up as much on this screen but it really had quite a peachy look.

Now I tried Golden Pineapple. Much better and closer to what I was going for. Again, first the Golden Pineapple diluted.

Then diluted Golden Pineapple with drips of full strength in spots in the snow.

Now I tried Mixing Red. Again, diluted. Difficult to dilute it without getting pink when I really need red. So far this is OK, but I may play with some other colors later in the winter.

Now diluted with full strength dripped on the snow in a few spots.Can't really tell much difference. Just less white space.

No for the really fun ones. This one is a diluted Stormy Gray. Again going for a metallic feel. Didn't get anywhere near that but I do SOOOO love the results!!!

And finally, I'll bet if I didn't tell you the color this started out as you would never guess..........OK, I'll tell you......Cocoa. Not brown a bit but GORGEOUS!!! In my opinion anyway!

OK, so now I'm putting the snow dyeing away for a bit. Taking a break to work on a totally different project I will blog about shortly!!!


Margeeth said...

They are lovely. I think it really interesting how snowdyes using brown dye separate in the three colours brown is made of.
I just posted some snowdyes of my own on my blog, I used two colours on every fabric and finally found a good way of snowdyeing without making to much of a mess.

Wil Opio Oguta said...

The mixed colors give the best results. I LOVE the red and the brown ones you got.