Monday, February 8, 2010

So the Snow Continues! And so does the Dyeing!

Gotta love living in Minnesota when you enjoy snow dyeing! I'm one of the few in Minnesota over ??? years of age that actually gets ecstatic when it snows!!! I have always thought of it as making lemonade out of lemons but a friend sent me a quote today (we are expecting 6-9 inches of the beautiful white stuff in the next two days) and I really liked it! Here it is:

Rahm Emanuel says, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” LOL! Works for me! Thanks, Conni!

OK, so another friend did some snow dyeing recently (Hi Becky!) and ended up with some amazing pieces. There were some "white" spots and she was wondering about overdyeing them. I though they looked perfect just the way they were. Haven't heard yet if she overdyed them or not but I decided to do my own experiment. I was doing some snow dyeing for a specific purpose and looking for some more specific results. I snow dyed the pieces (two each) and then overdyed one of each color with the very diluted version of the original color just to see which effect I preferred. Below are the results. Keep in mind that each piece was done in ONLY ONE COLOR. But that is one of the things I love about snow dyeing. The surprise at the end!! For instance in these pieces, I love the way the dye separated into some of its component parts!

First is Dark Green.

Here it is snow dyed

Here it is overdyed with a very diluted Dark Green

Now, so you can better see the effect of the overdyeing and determine which YOU like better I have photographed them side by side. Left is overdyed and right is not.

Now for color number two - Pewter. I'm looking for kind of a "patina on metal" look. Have a few more experiments to try but this is the first one.
Snow dyed with Pewter but not overdyed.

Same color snow dyed and then overdyed with a very diluted Pewter.

And again for comparison, the two pieces side by side. Overdyed on the left and the right is not.

I know I am partial to the NON overdyed ones. But then, it all depends on the look you want! decide just what colors to use with the AMPLE supply of snow I'm going to have now!

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Wil Opio Oguta said...

Have fun with all the white stuff