Monday, February 8, 2010

Nuturing Creativity - Week 6

OK, now this one I can really get excited about. Just picked it out of the deck and haven't even read the description - just the title.....

Be Open to Adventure

This one HAS to be right up my alley. Gonna go read it and I'll BRB.

OK, taking risks (no problem - LOVE it!) Interesting that it is talking about summoning the courage to try something new! Falls right into line with the new group I participate in on a monthly basis -- Fiber Arts/Mixed Media. They have a group that for 2010 is doing an experiment each month with something you haven't tried but have wanted the excuse to do!! Or something like that. Pretty much my interpretation! Obviously, being February and all, this is only the second month. I have some "toys" I've never played with so perhaps the best thing to do is to just pick one out and PLAYTIME BEGINS!! And what if it is really ugly when I'm done??? That is the wonder of being a Mixed Media artist..........nothing ever goes to waste! It can always be overdyed, painted, cut up, get the idea!

So......LET THE ADVENTURE BEGIN (this week will be an easy one!)

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