Monday, February 15, 2010

Nurturing Creativity - Week 7

OK, this is just downright spooky!! This morning while writing my pages I decided I needed to keep working on getting more of the clutter out of my studio. I even set myself a deadline on certain spots around the studio because on Friday, my husband is going to help me with several small things that need to be taken care of (changing light bulbs, hanging some art pieces, hanging a plaque, etc. All of which require the big ladder!!)

THEN...I picked out my creativity card for this week. Well, actually, it picked itself out. I was shuffling and cutting them and it just jumped out of the stack. Figuring it must be the one, I put the others aside and picked it up. Here it is........

Bare Bones

Declutter to keep from being distracted when creativity is the plan for the day! OK OK!!! Got the message!! So, I'm off to take care of some of those de-cluttering projects!!

One of them is to iron the latest snow dyeing adventures and post pictures of them. My iron is heating up as I type. Those will be posted shortly.

So.........clutter is taking a holiday I guess!! With a little help from yours truly!

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