Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A New Addiction!

OK, like I need something else in fabric to be in love with right???Well, some things just can't be helped!!

This is a new technique I had never tried before. First, I take a piece of fabric that is a bit larger than the size I want to finish with. I use MistyFuse to back the whole piece with. THEN I cut it in strips but not quite all the way through at one end. (Looks like really long fringe when I'm done!) Then I take another piece in a color that will compliment the first one and do the same process except I cut it all the way through.

Pin a backing fabric (I used a fairly thin muslin) to a board. I used my 12" squared that is a cutting board on one side and an "ironing" surface on the other. I pin the muslin to the ironing side. Then I pin the "fringe" piece at the top of the board over the muslin.

Then I weave in the contrasting color fabric, being sure to snuggle it up really close to the strip above it. A stilleto is great for this but a toothpick or a pin could work just as well.

Since both pieces are already back with a fusible material, I just iron the whole thing so it is fused together!!

For this piece, I cut the green piece of fabric in straight lines but with varying widths. I cut the gold contrasting fabric in wavy lines. (NOTE: IF you are cutting wavy lines, be sure to keep them in order as you weave them. I did this by not cutting all the way through but leaving about a 1/4 inch still attached. When I was ready for the next strip, it was easy enough to just rip it off and start weaving.

I think it needs something now on top of it.

Have you ever seen some of Vasarely's work?? This kinda reminds me of a few of his pieces.

Here's a link to one in this period of his art.

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