Saturday, January 9, 2010

And the NOT SO Mundane!

Had a blast in my studio today. I completed the February ATCs for the birthday swap I'm in this year. My little attempt to stay creative so matter what else comes down the road.

For the February birthdays I chose the color purple because of the month's gem (Amethyst) and flower (violet). Also, it is National Heart Month and Friendship month!! How cool is that?!!

I used a technique I learned a little over a year ago working with Lutrador, cheesecloth and lace. There are several layers of paints ending with Jacquard Lumiere Halo Violet Gold. I also love to collect old costume jewelry and add bits and pieces of it to my artwork sometimes. Each of these ATCs has three gold heart charms from a bracelet I bought a while ago on E-bay. Each ATC has different heart charms. The title of these little gems is "Passionately Purple"

Then I made the cut out cards and stamped them with purple hearts. Used the same windows so the ATCs could be removed from the cards. Here is the outside of the card.

And the inside of the card.

The envelope was a bit trickier this month. All I can say is THANK HEAVEN for free clipart websites!! The envelopes aren't as purple as I would like but hey -- it still works!! They are all addressed and ready to put in the mail closer to the end of the month!

I already have the fabric chosen for the March birthday (only one other besides mine). Now I'm just waiting for something I just bought on E-bay to add to it.
The additional challenge I'm making for myself in this swap is to make the ATCs relevant to the month. It takes some research but I'm enjoying it! It's quite a learning experience!


Wil Opio Oguta said...

Keep the creativity up like this! They look lovely. A familiair technique, isn't it?

Margeeth said...

Wow, I love them. I am very happy my birthday is in february.

Cobi said...

they look great Kelly. makes me wish my bd is next month.