Thursday, January 21, 2010

New FUN!

I just found a site called Fiber Art/Mixed Media by connecting to a link on another blog. AWESOME! And guess what I found there???? A group called "2010 Monthly Experiment"!! Now does that sound like something right up my alley or what??!! The idea is to stretch your creative horizons by experimenting with a technique or material you haven't used before. I LOVE that idea. So I joined.

For January I used this window protection film that we had left over from putting on our windows. It was one of those things I kept - "'you just never know. I might find a use for it someday!" It looks like metal but is a plastic kind of thing. So I decided that would be a good place to start experimenting. You know first instinct is to ZAP it with my heat gun! It was VERY reluctant to react but it finally did. Took a good time longer than zapping Tyvek but it bubbled a little. Mostly it tightly puckered in spots with lines radiating out from that. Different but cool in its own right. I decided to do postcard sizes for these experiments....big enough to get a good feel for the material/technique and yet small enough that if it really isn't worth ever doing again....not much lost.

Here is the first one. I first Inked this one with my Adirondack inks, then zapped it. It was REALLY shiney so I adhered balck MistyFuse on top of it to tone down the shine a bit. Not awesome yet....maybe never!

This is the second one. I zapped the window film and then painted over it with a wash of two tones of blue acrylic paint. It reminds me of brain neurons (OH NO!! I've been hanging out with my husband too much lately!! This is a sure sign!)


Wil Opio Oguta said...

You found this group and did not tell me????

Margeeth said...

They remind me of neurons too and my husband is an engineer, so I guess they just look like neurons.