Monday, January 11, 2010

Deadline for Today - DONE

YEAH! It feels good to have accomplished what I set out to do today!! Below is the piece which is mainly green as it started out. I scrunched up the SA soaked PFD on the screen, packed snow on top of it and squirted the green and blue dye on it. Then, I sprinkled some dry Bronze onto it. Got a bit heavy in spots but we'll see what it turns out like.

Here it is beginning to melt! The hardest part about snow dyeing is waiting for the snow to melt!! (Patience is NOT one of my virtues!!) So far it looks pretty good. There are two FQs in all that green snow.

Here are the mainly purple two as they started out. Fun part of this one was that later in the day I discovered that the plastic bin lid I use under the screen to collect the runoff was leaking!!! I had a huge pool of purple water all over the island! Changed containers, cleaned up the mess (ended up with some AWESOME purple paper towels, too!!) It is now continuing to melt.

Wanted to try a slightly different approach this time. I scrunched the FQ into the bottom of a cottage cheese container, packed snow on top, squirted on the purple dye.

When all the snow melts I'll let them batch overnight and rinse, wash and iron them in the morning! Stay tuned!!!

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