Friday, January 8, 2010

Let's Try This Again!!

As some of you will remember - at the beginning of last year I started going through the "52 Ways to Nurture Your Creativity" cards. One per week. Then life fell apart and I hardly had time to breathe, let alone be creative and post on a blog!!

Now, with 2010 starting, I'm going to give it another go and hopefully keep more on a creative track this year. There are several exciting projects already in the works that you will read about in the coming months.

So, here we go......the deck of cards is shuffled and the first one out of the box is....................

Everyday Life As Art - the concept is to find art in everyday seemingly mundane tasks (and who among us doesn't have a load of those????) Hmmmm. I'll let you know how the day goes today - making mundane into art! How artistically can I prepare Tuna Bagel Melts??????? I'll let you know tomorrow!

1 comment:

Cobi said...

Curious to see what you'll come up with. My chores for today: clean the cat litter tray. also grocery shopping before the snowstorm breaks loose.