Thursday, January 14, 2010

More Snow Dyeing Results

OK, so I now have my backing piece for Adaptations. But there is so much little time (yeh, like all the snow in Minnesota will be gone by next week!! LOL!). So I just HAD to do some more snow dyeing while the previous ones were melting.

Below is the one where I scrunched SA soaked fabric in a cottage cheese container, packed on the snow and then squirted on the dye. It came out fine....the darker parts were on the bottom of the container. The snow melt doesn't run off in this method and so the bottom gets a full shot of the dye. So, the method really depends on what, in general, you are looking for in results.

This is the one with red, orange and yellow dye.

Remember how I had a big mess to clean up (especially the big pool of purple snow melt???). Well, here are some pretty awesome paper towels!! First from the green cleanup...(oh if only this was re-creatable!!)

And these are some smaller pieces from the clean up of the big purple pool!

Oh yeah, these will find their way in to my art work somewhere along the line!
A little behind schedule on Adaptations (I forgot to figure in time to stop and prepare meals!!!) But I'm not far behind. The window is inset and the whole thing is quilted. Now to add all the fun bits and pieces!!!
CRACK!!! oops....the whip is cracking.....better get back to work!!


Cobi said...

your dye work results are terrific Kelly. my favorite fabric is the orange on and the green mop cloth is magical, I love that one. lucky you.

Thelma said...

Beautiful Kelly!! I so love those two snowdyes. Wow!!

Sally Westcott said...

Hey Kelly! When I clean up after a dyeing session I use fat quarters of fabric that is ready for dyeing! The results can be better than the "work"!

Ice dyeing will have to wait till the new fridge arrives in Tuesday - the old one died yesterday! Bugger and it is hot! The beer firdge is working overtime.


Margeeth said...

I Love them both, its really nice to see that it is indeed possible to snowdye without using a screen or collander.