Monday, January 25, 2010

Hi..It's me yet again! - Fractured Flower!!

Gosh I'm chatty today!! I think part of it is that I'm so excited to be back in my studio on a more regular basis and doing creative things and completing some projects. YEAH!!

Today, being between projects and almost brain dead I'm so tired, (stayed up late watching football.........and crying because we lost and shouldn't have!!) I decided I had the wherewithal to at least sew together the four pieces of the Fractured Flower! AWESOME!! Oh and the 1/2 inch wiggle room seam allowance is absolutely necessary BTW! I got it all set up like I wanted it, stitched it together and Voila! Here it is!

Now I'm leaving it on my design wall for a bit and let it tell me just what it needs/wants. Then I get to do the fun part of making it into a quilt wall hanging and embellishing!!!


Celia said...

It looks great - well done to all the participants!

Cobi said...

I love this flower. this is so inspiring. I really want to convince my art group to do a similar project.