Saturday, January 16, 2010

Still on Schedule - WOW!! (and Fractured Flower!)

Can you believe it??? I can hardly believe it myself! I finished up all the quilting and today I put on the last of the embellishments. Now all I need is the binding. Trying to decide what to do that would work for this particular piece. So, no picture today......just checking in. Hopefully tomorrow night or at the latest Monday morning, I should have pictures ready to upload! The deadline thing has really helped me stay on task. I don't usually drift off to other things except things in the studio. I'm walking over to put something in the sink and see this way cool piece of metal and it is SOOOOO difficult not to even pick it up and play with it. I just kept telling myself that I HAD to keep on the quilt to have it done by Sunday night!
So, until tomorrow..........
Oh wait!!! I DO have some pictures to post!!! Received the four parts of the Fractured Flower that I need to put into a quilt. Here they are. Soon I'll be playing with them and it should be tons of fun!!! The upper left is mine, Upper right - Gena, Lower left is Karen and Lower right is Wil.

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