Monday, January 25, 2010

Lots of things today!

First, I didn't quite complete the Studio Clean-Up but plan to just continue clearing out stuff and putting stuff away (translate - finding a place to put stuff!) until it is all done. Of course, it is never totally done but I'll know when it is where it should be.

Then, you gotta love FreeCycle! I just picked up 20 hospital meal trays and 20 loaf pan looking containers (but they're plastic) from FreeCycle! GREAT tool for when I'm dyeing, painting, you name it!! AND the person said they have a continuing access to a supply of these used items! YEAH!! Believe me, I'm keeping her e-mail address!
Next, I'm participating in a couple of ATC swaps. The ATCs below are for a purple swap.
Purple Mountains Majesty - The background is watercolor paper painted with purple dye left over from my recent snow dyeing day. The mountain on the left is purple cheesecloth from a project last year. The middle mountain is left over from when in another group we made little gift boxes. The right mountain is a purple candy wrapper I've been saving for ages. One of those "you just never know...." things.
Purple Haze - The background for this one is one of the darker paper towels from the clean-up of my snow dyeing day. I wrinkled it up and ironed the wrinkles in. Painted it with Gel Matte Medium. The tore strips from a lighter purple clean-up paper towel and put those on in wisps. Covered the whole thing with pink netting to make it "haze-y" and then used a stitch on my machine to do the wavey stitching across it.
Now......last but now Creativity Card for the coming week.....I can hardly stand the suspense!!!!
Stand On Your Head
The concept is to look at your work from a different perspective. Like upside down. Only I think I'll just turn the work upside down. This body isn't up to standing on my least and not living to tell about it! LOL! My plan today is working on a couple of ATCs anyway so I'll give it a try. I think it would be fun to try that with the Fractured Flower pieces now on my design wall to see how it looks upside down....or sideways!!! But that will be later in the week.
So now I'm off to play in the studio for the morning!

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