Monday, January 25, 2010

Some more ATCs completed today

Just finishing up some ATCs so I can put all my bits and pieces away for a while and work on something else for a time. These are not for anything special....just playing with some of my stuff that was in a box from other projects!

Two for the Money - a test piece from my quilt for ADAPTATION. The coin I have in my "stuff to play with" stash!

Caviar Dreams - there are seed beads in a couple of places (caviar - fish eggs) and the leaves are like seaweed. This is scrap fabric I purchases somewhere and had zapped out a lot of the sheer fabric between the leaves and the background is the dark green film that wraps the package of teas I had purchases some time ago (water). Unfortunately, the seed beads do not show up as well in the photo as they do in person.

Arabian Night - Both the top and bottom pieces are left over from the little boxes project some time ago in another group. I thought the bottom looked like a sand dune or sometimes a Bedoin tent.

Red Sail in the Sunset - Watercolor paper painted with fabric dyes left over from snow dyeing. The sail is Tyvek painted dark red and melted.

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