Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Still on Schedule!

OK, right on schedule so far! A slight delay due to helping put away groceries. It's always something I guess. But, in the true spirit of learning to dance in the rain......I'm thankful we have food to eat!!!

Snow dyes washed and dried and ironed - here they are!! I had forgotten how wonderful snow dyes can be.

I love the separation of color and the shades of those colors. I used a mix of a blue and yellow to get the green I wanted. I LOVE this piece!!

However, this is the one that won the audition for the quilt backing. This is one of the pieces which got squirted with green, blue and dry bronze
This is the other green,blue,bronze pieces. Unfortunately, it is my little mutant piece. While drying, it slipped off the drying rod and fell into a couple of the drip pools from the other pieces. So, it has a couple of blemishes. Poor baby. However, there are still several beautiful parts left and who know but what I might need a piece just like this one for something someday. So, mutant though it is.....it still has a loving home here with me.

This is the all purple piece. Notice the separation of the red and blue I used to make up this particular purple. I LOVE when that happens!!!

These are the two pieces with purple and red. I love these, too!! Just like a mother with her children, huh???

I had a remaining FQ in the SA soaking, and still plenty of snow to take advantage of so I made another piece over lunch. It is currently still melting.

So, to complete todays goals, I have to get busy and stencil to see how that will work out and do the window on the quilt.


Sally Westcott said...

I love your snow dyes - almost enought to wish it would snow here - Brrrrrr - but not quite!

Kelly said...

Thanks, Sally. Living in Minnesota snow is not something we are usually short of in the winter. I do like how the mottling is so different from LWI or anything else I think. My friend in the Netherlands usually doesn't get much snow to speak of either (although THIS year is different!) so she bought an industrial snow cone maker! Another fun technique when there is no snow is ice dyeing. You can do that in your freezer on the hottest day in summer!! You might want to try that!

Wil Opio Oguta said...

And there are even different ways of using your freezer for ice dyeing.
Lovely fabric Kelly!

Anonymous said...

Oh my those are gorgeous. The purple is my favorite. The effects turned out amazing.

lovely, simply lovely!

Ann Flowers

Sally Westcott said...

Thanks Kelly! I'll look into ice dyeing! Sounds very interesting!

PS the last time we got snow of any consequence, in Tasmania, was 1985! The whole state ground to a halt!

Margeeth said...

Those fabrics turned out really beautifull. Did you use a colander or did you just put the fabric, snow and dye in a container?
(I am experimenting too)

Thelma said...

Absolutely beautiful fabrics Kelly!! I love them all!