Monday, January 18, 2010

Nurturing Creativity - Week 3

Shuffle.....shuffle.....close my eyes.......and chose a card!!!!

This week it is:

Creative Space

Well, this will either be very easy or very difficult. Very easy in that I have a wonderful creative space already in my studio. Very difficult would be coming up with a way to make this card relevent given that fact. Hmmmmmm let me think........................

OK, I've determined that to me this card speaks of KEEPING my space creative. While I'm a very messy artist in many ways (just ask those who have worked with me in my studio!!) I find that having it messy DURING a project is waaaaaaay different that leaving it messy before I start the next project. So, what I think to do is this: there are currently several stacks, baskets, boxes of things in my studio left over from a stint of trying to sell things on e-bay (what a waste of time THAT turned out to be!!) My goal for this week is to get rid of them ALL. That will probably mean a trip to Salvation Army to leave stuff there or FreeCycle or something but they will ALL be gone by the end of this week!!! I know that doesn't sound difficult but when I'm in my studio I want to create....not clean up!!! It will be a discipline to walk past all my "toys" to go through boxes and things to get rid of stuff. LOL!! I just wonder how much stuff I'll find that will stay in the studio because "you just never know -- I might be able to use that in an art piece someday!!!" I'll try my best to keep that to a minimum!!

I am going to keep the deadline thing though. That was really an interesting experiment. One - to keep the deadline realistic given my current life situation and Two - to keep the deadline which also means managing time to end up "done" on the deadline time. It really helped keep me focused on whatever I was working on and not to start three other new projects along the way!!

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